Our consulting concept QFU-CONSULT reflects the latest methods, is most practical and goal-oriented and was developed for enhancing corporate success. 

The focus here is the definition of the so called “degree of ripeness” of your company.
Therefor we identify at which stage your company is actually situated, illustrating it by using a compass. This compass also offers the opportunity to identify potentials within your enterprise and indicates the direction and the way to sustainably increase your degree of company’s ripeness. Which of the potential way of improvement is the right one depends on your decision. According to our compass, leading the way, you will decide either on your own or together with us which of the given proposals for improvement is the best for your organization. 

QFU-CONSULT is a kind of construct consisting of 4 areas:

  • Management 
  • Organization
  • Processes
  • Clients

Each of these areas is again divided into several compartments/levels. 

QFU-CONSULT includes the analysis of your organization implying the position on a certain level within the four areas given above. Furthermore the concept / method / service necessary for your company is to reach the next or the upper level of each area.

QFU-CONSULT focuses the following potentials:

Leadership and management  

  • Clearly structured management system
  • Comprehensible values and strategies
  • Guided und measurable targets
  • Decisions based on traceable facts and figures

Organization und employee orientation

  • Transparent organizational structure, in which the responsibilities and competences are 
clearly regulated and lived
  • Well trained and qualified employees
  • Employee orientation focusing on the employee’s needs in order to achieve more job satisfaction 

Business processes and workflows

  • Effective und efficient company processes
  • Effective and pragmatic, continuously improved processes
  • Sustainably secured quality of the products and services 

Client orientation and customer satisfaction

  • Consistent customer orientation and systematic increase of customer satisfaction
  • High level of comprehensible customer satisfaction based on facts

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